Mission Statement

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This is my Boudoir Mission Statement for Lust & Love.

I provide an elegant and inviting portrait experience that helps women of any shape, age and milestone in their lives realize that they are not only beautiful but also amazing. They will leave their session feeling empowered and bursting with self confidence. I will show you just how beautiful you truly are. That image, by they way, will be a headshot of you. It will have nothing to do with the shape of your body of the heels you have chosen to bring. It will be all in your eyes. Sounds cheesy, I know. But it’s true. Those are the images that my clients get the most lit up about.

It will be easy to feel relaxed and confident as my studio is a pampered experience with everything you will need from a spa robe, professional hair and make up, treats and snacks, wardrobe and accessories. The studio is private and the lounge is pretty and very comfortable. You will also come prepared as prior to your session you will have received  a complete Getting Ready Guide on what to bring and expect during and after your session.

I honor your personality and body with poses that we collaborate on during your Style Consult and the day of your session. From your finger tips to your toes, I will direct you every step of the way! There are no expectations of you knowing what to do. You will be relieved and enjoy yourself knowing that your images will have every detail covered.

A lot of women do these as gifts but even more are doing it for themselves. My clients that have done it for gifts are thrilled at the experience and are so happy with they they unexpectedly gained from it!

*Please know that none of the women you see in my gallery are models.*